Stress and Anxiety can be caused by a number of factors, and we are all affected at various times. Stress in the right context is what motivates us however, unresolved chronic stress is debilitating and a trigger of inflammation in our body. Physically it can contribute to headaches, disturbed sleep and general fatigue. It is involved in the cause of high blood pressure, inflammation leading to auto-immune disease, type 2 diabetes and is a main factor is developing anxiety and depression. High levels of the stress hormone cortisol can amplify many symptoms experienced during the menopause and can play a […]

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Joint Mobility – Joint pain and restriction can occur at any time and have several causes. These include, frozen shoulder, arthritis, muscle imbalance, bursitis and traumatic injury. Increasing the mobility of the joint is vital in order to prevent acute (short-term) conditions becoming chronic (long-term) and rehabilitating chronic issues themselves. Following assessment of the presenting symptoms there are many approaches that can be taken depending on the priority needed at that time. This can include introducing micromovements that the client cannot do themselves, lengthening muscles or identifying muscle weakness. Joints affected by arthritis can be helped by gentle mobilisations (dependant […]

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As someone who has suffered from Sciatica due to a ruptured lumbar disc, I understand just how debilitating Sciatica can be and that it not only affects everyday life preventing us from various activities but depletes our energy levels. Although true sciatica is classified as an irritation of the nerve root often caused by a bulging disc other factors along the nerve pathway can also trigger similar pain. These need to be considered as they could also be secondary issues that are prolonging the pain after the original cause has been rectified. Back issues in general can be chronic, such […]

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IBS can have many symptoms including diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, stomach cramps and flatulence amongst others. There are steps we can take ourselves to help alleviate these symptoms such as dietary considerations and monitoring our use of alcohol. Also, when we eat can have an effect as our digestion system needs rest. With some people meals spread over a long period, even if small and light can rob our digestive system of this rest. Eating quickly, typically at our desk, also puts strain on our system with the food often not chewed enough and with our minds elsewhere, possibly stressed, interfering […]

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