Sciatica and Back Pain Mick Moxham Shiatsu

As someone who has suffered from Sciatica due to a ruptured lumbar disc, I understand just how debilitating Sciatica can be and that it not only affects everyday life preventing us from various activities but depletes our energy levels. Although true sciatica is classified as an irritation of the nerve root often caused by a bulging disc other factors along the nerve pathway can also trigger similar pain. These need to be considered as they could also be secondary issues that are prolonging the pain after the original cause has been rectified.

Back issues in general can be chronic, such as a constant ache or pain, acute such as when the back “locks up” and or spasms or reoccurring symptoms that return, sometimes after long intervals of good back health. In order to treat these aspects of back pain and to find the priority of treatment, many factors such as posture and muscular imbalances, our work environment, repetitive actions as well as the more obvious recent trauma should be taken into account. Also, stress and emotional factors can trigger some back problems especially in reoccurring episodes.

Shiatsu is an excellent modality for treating Sciatica and back pain as it approaches this problem holistically. The search for the priority causing the discomfort is of course the most important factor and then the treatment can include, postural assessment, correction of muscle imbalances or focus on other areas holding stress and tension that can translate to back pain.

Please note these articles are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek professional medical advice for any conditions that may affect you or that you may be concerned about

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