Joint Mobility – Joint pain and restriction can occur at any time and have several causes. These include, frozen shoulder, arthritis, muscle imbalance, bursitis and traumatic injury. Increasing the mobility of the joint is vital in order to prevent acute (short-term) conditions becoming chronic (long-term) and rehabilitating chronic issues themselves.

Following assessment of the presenting symptoms there are many approaches that can be taken depending on the priority needed at that time. This can include introducing micromovements that the client cannot do themselves, lengthening muscles or identifying muscle weakness. Joints affected by arthritis can be helped by gentle mobilisations (dependant on current inflammation) or by freeing up surrounding tissues to ease the pressure on the joint. With arthritis, Chinese medicine would indicate a weakness of the Kidney energy and an obstruction of Chi with an invasion of Damp or Heat, this would be treated in conjunction with the more Western approach.

As with all injuries or restrictions, where possible we will look at rehabilitation where the client can actively improve their condition and help prevent reoccurrence.

Please note these articles are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or diagnosis. Always seek professional medical advice for any conditions that may affect you or that you may be concerned about

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