More about Shin Tai

Shin Tai (meaning “Source Body”) is a progression of shiatsu developed by Saul Goodman which seeks to find and treat the most appropriate level of the receiver’s energy system. This allows the body’s own healing system to release restrictive stress patterns.

The Governing Vessel (GV) and the Conception Vessel (CV) meridians are the two most important meridians in the human body and were the first two to form at conception. Together they form what is known as the Central Channel. All the other meridians derive from these two and they are the basis of our energy and information systems and therefore, affect our emotional, physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing at a deep level. The flow of chi through these meridians can be blocked by compression and stress patterns along their path however, by working with the GV and CV through the spine, hips, meninges and hara we can help the body restore this flow. This in turn will help lift the old restrictions we feel in our life, increasing vitality and allowing us to live in the present rather than the past.

More about Shin tai
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